Story Club:

Discover, Write and Share Your Life Story to Find Personal Freedom, Purpose & a New Depth of Impact!

Regardless of age, gender or life stage, you have a unique & powerful story to tell. Let’s spend the next 6 weeks learning to tell it.

What Can Story Club Do For You?

When you’re unaware of the story that lies within you, it’s easy to go through life feeling insignificant, as if your past and your voice doesn’t really matter. BUT when you’re able to put the pieces of your past together with coherence, your story doesn’t just MATTER—it becomes the greatest catalyst for personal clarity, purpose & power!

Through this groundbreaking, practical 6 week course in self-discovery, I want to personally guide you in identifying the pain, difficulty, victory and joy that shapes your unique story while learning to embrace and share that story in order to make a difference in the world.

Learning to share your entire story, not just an Instagram version of it, begins with navigating your personal history and discovering how it impacts your present self and directs your future plans.

Shall we begin?

“Tammy is a great story coach and has helped countless individuals find purpose by writing their story.”

– Shawn Bolz
Shawn Bolz Ministries

Story Club is a wonderful tool in assisting you to embrace and share your personal story

Caitlin Crosby,
Giving Keys

As a life coach Tammy has empowered others to share their story and make a difference in the lives of others. Story club is a great way to learn to tell your story.

– Aja Brown
Mayor of Compton

Join and Get Instant Access to:

  • Video Coaching

    Six in depth lessons teaching you to discover your story and ultimately sharing it.

  • The Story club workbook

    Every Video session will have a corresponding study guide where you will outwork what you learned.

  • Story Club Private Group

    Join this exclusive community group online

  • Your Story Map

    Tammy will lead you through the process of putting together your own life map.

  • Bonus interviews

    Raw Testimonials of men and women sharing their personal stories of overcoming adversity.

  • 6 Weekly Challenges to put into practice what you have learnedbox
  • Access to a private community online
  • Access to our open platform where you can submit your own story

Meet Tammy Hotsenpiller

As a pastor & life coach of more than 25 years, Hotsenpiller is an expert in helping individuals to identify who they are through faith-based principles. After two decades of applying the values of Story Club from realms ranging from Fortune 500 executives to the girl next door, Hotsenpiller recognized the incredible impact it would have if everyone took ownership of their stories in their spheres of influence, especially in our social media-driven society.


How is this course different than others like it?

There are some great resources out there about better understanding yourself in order to thrive in life. However, rarely will you come across a resource like Story Club that truly guides you on a journey of self-discovery, healing, empowerment & vision-casting using two tools: our unique Story Mapping Method and YOUR LIFE!

Why is this course for ME?

This course may not be for you…unless you’re human. 😉 Everyone has a story. Your story matters. We simply want to help you mine the gold from it in a way to empower you to write an even better one moving forward!

How will I access the content?

You’ll have instant & unlimited access to our course dashboard and content through our intuitive learning management system hosted by Teachable. You’ll also have access to our customer service if issues arise!